Rochdale Hornets


31st October 2017, 13:46



Rochdale Hornets’ Sporting Foundation, a charity set up with the goal of getting more people playing rugby league more often, is calling for the support of the local community to help win funding as part of the Aviva Community Fund 2017.

If successful in their quest for £24,000 funding, they will foster the growth and development of four new rugby community sessions across the four townships of Rochdale.

This is all reliant on your support, and you can pledge up to 10 votes towards our cause at our Aviva page here

It will help five schools in each borough receive 10 weeks of after school rugby league coaching, with all school children being actively signposted to their new Township team of either Pennine, Rochdale, Middleton or Heywood.

Those Township teams will then play weekly all school year and enjoy mini festivals against each other, which in turn will achieve our goal of increasing the participation level and success of youngsters in the sport.

It will also create a pathway for the children involved to join Amateur sides such as Rochdale Mayfield, Rochdale Cobras and Littleborough, before aiming to form new rugby league teams in Middleton and Heywood by 2018/19.

All of this can be achieved with your support and your votes, and the Foundation’s manager Steve Kerr has issued a rallying cry for the local and wider community to back the project.

“The Origin Series we have planned will help kids at 20 schools across the local area access rugby league sessions,” he commented.

“In total we will deliver over 500 hours of rugby to a target audience of over 600 children, and with the funding we have applied for that will be made possible.

“We hope that people will vote for our project.

“For a cost of £35pp you are helping each child access upwards of 60 hours of rugby league coaching.

“The funding will go a long way to help increase the number of people playing rugby league, whilst promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

“Rochdale is rated the 16th most deprived area in the country with many of our children coming from low income households.

“This is our chance to grow the game and your chance to improve the lives of children and young people in Rochdale through sport.”

Voting is now open until 21st November, so make sure you register at the link above to help make a difference to youngsters in your area.

Info on how the competition is judged can be found at

For more information on the project and to get involved please email foundation@hornetsrugbyleague.