Rochdale Hornets


12th June 2018, 09:51


Alan Kilshaw was left frustrated following Hornets defeat at Barrow Raiders on Sunday saying “we killed ourselves”.

“It’s the tale of our season. One step forward and two steps back and to be honest I’m quite angry with what we served up” said Kilshaw.

“Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that there was no lack of effort, and some of our defense was incredible in the first half. We defended set after set and for Barrow to take the two points at the back end showed how well we had competed defensively.”

Hornets were the masters of their own downfall though in the second half, with individual errors putting them under further defensive pressure.

“We put all this pressure on ourselves. Failing to complete sets, and the sets we did actually manage to complete, the finishes were poor. We kicked the ball out on the full, pushed a pass that was never on or came up with a nothing kick.

“We spoke about all of this at half time, and then throw a forward pass in the first set, and then when we eventually get the ball back, we offload to the opposition. We are absolutely killing ourselves with stupid errors.

Kilshaw paid tribute to Barrow who he said managed the game throughout.

“Barrow’s game management was by far superior to ours, and they kicked much better and they showed they are in the position they are for a reason.

“But for us, we have three really tough games coming up and are looking forward to the challenge. We need to focus on producing consistent performances over this period.”

Hornets head to London Broncos this week before returning to the Crown Oil Arena on June 24th where they welcome Toulouse Olympique.