Rochdale Hornets


12th April 2018, 11:19


Lewis Palfrey is currently being treated in hospital for a serious infection

EVERYONE at Rochdale Hornets send their best wishes to Lewis Palfrey who has been admitted to hospital with a serious infection following a cut to the head in the game against Leigh.

Lewis suffered the cut in the second half of the Championship clash and was treated on the field by club physio, Lauren Steele and the Leigh Centurions club doctor. Following the game it was clear the wound needed stitching and was dealt with by the Leigh medical staff. 

In the days after the game it became apparent something wasn’t right after Lewis suffered considerable swelling to his face and eyes and was admitted to hospital where he is being treated for periorbital cellulitis and is currently on intravenous antibiotics.  

Hornets head coach Alan Kilshaw said: “Lewis got a cut above his eye, was strapped up and went back on and played. He was stitched up after but unfortunately he got an infection in the cut and he’s really swelled up. Both his eyes are swelled to the point of being closed other than a little bit on his left eye.

“He’s on a drip at the minute with some strong antibiotics and the swellings that bad nothing will be picked up on any scans at the so he’s being monitored for the next few days.

“All our thoughts are with him, his partner, Hollie and their son. We just hope the concern for him lightens over the next few days and he can get out of hospital.

“Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery.”